Welcome to Thimphu Towers, my birthplace, my home, and yours too.

I was born in 1975, in a traditional mud house that once occupied this spot where Thimphu Towers now stands. That same year, my late father, Dalup Gyaltshen, a young struggling contractor, had purchased it. He believed that I brought him luck. With no education, no experience and no money, he had the audacity to borrow from friends and family to pay for the house and eventually built properties in Thimphu and Wangdue. Unfortunately, he passed away in an accident on 11th June 1993. Even though I was just a teenager, as the eldest, the family responsibilities fell on me. First thing I did was to marry the man whom my father had picked before he passed away. Together we decided to continue the tradition and the value that he had taught us. Work hard, be passionate and expect the unexpected.

I built the first hotel called Puna Cottages in Wangdue in 2008 followed by Thimphu Towers in 2015. The experiences of being able to meet so many people, some of whom became friends for life have kindled my passion in the hospitality industry. I have also travelled and met friends – from Alexandria in Egypt to Zuma Beach in California. This is amazing!

I realized that genuine hospitality is ingrained in our Buddhist values, where our ancestral homes in our villages are always open to those weary travellers on foot and horses from far away places. Strangers were no dangers at all (Joe Gebbia). Now I offer you Thimphu Towers and greet you as part of my family. To me, your question, feedback, or complaints are an opportunity for me to help you and make a difference in your journey, a journey that you have perhaps embarked in search of that passion in your life.

So, let’s begin our journey together at Thimphu Towers. Allow me to be your host and your travel companion in Bhutan and far beyond. Let’s not just exceed expectations, let’s expect the unexpected!

Tashi Delek!

Tshering Wangmo
Thimphu Towers